Race assistance

We help foreign racing teams

We provide the right connections to foreign racing teams and private owners especially from the USA and the UAE, to come race in Europe.
This race assistance can take several forms such as providing logistics - truck, racing trailer, professional truck driver.
Our goal is to enable your team to focus on the essential, either for private trackdays or official European championships.

In 2018,

GMT Racing and GMC Motorsport to take participation in the first Masters Endurance Legends series throughout Europe with exclusive LMP1, LMP2 and GT cars. Click on each logo for more info and race schedule. Awesome!

Private events

We organize private events

We organize private events to carefully introduce people to the racing world. Not only is it a good opportunity for new comers...
...To make their first step into the real car world, it is also a place for our clients to run their personal cars when we race our own.
This is also an excellent spot to make connections and exchange with people from all over the world sharing the same business views.

For you to enjoy your investment

Running your cars is essential to maintain their condition, therefore we propose private trackdays on the most exclusive race tracks only.
If you are interested in the organization of a specific event please feel free to contact us and we will use our network to make the best happen.
We believe that enjoyment and fulfilment is the key. So why not considering inviting your friends and family to take part in this journey of a kind!

For more information, please apply to: paul@knightconnection.com