2011 Lotus Evora GT2
Chassis #2 of 2 built


2005 Panoz Esperante GTLME
Chassis No. EGTLM 003b


2000 Lola B2K40
Chassis No. HU05

Specialists in modern classics

We focus on race cars investment. Race cars for sale, eligible in motor racing, accessible, reliable, and secure.
We specialize in the brokerage of modern race cars from 1990 up to now.

Private sales

We have a selection of exclusive race cars in Private sales at the moment, that are not advertised on this website:
6 LMP1, 5 LMP2, 2 GT class winners, 4 historic race cars
. For more information please apply to: paul@knightconnection.com


6 LMP1 available!


5 LMP2 available!


2 GT available!


4 historic available!

Race car sourcing

Most of our sales network is based on Private sales. We can source all different types of rare and unique cars that are not visible on this website. Modern race cars, classic race cars, history race cars, vintage sports cars, limited edition supercars.


We gather passion and expertise to provide our clients and friends with the right car for their need, either racing or collecting.


Some valuable automobiles on the market shall be treated as investments in their approach to make the most of your purchase.


We provide assistance to racing teams and private owners in their participation to official championships and private trackdays.

In 2018,

GMT Racing and GMC Motorsport to take participation in the first Masters Endurance Legends series throughout Europe from Masters Historic Racing, with exclusive LMP1, LMP2 and GT cars. Click on each logo for more info and race schedule. Awesome!

Race assistance

We provide the right connections to foreign racing teams and private owners especially from Northern America, to come race in Europe. This race assistance can take several forms such as providing logistics - truck, racing trailer, professional truck driver.


Worldwide contacts of passionate people are the roots and fuel of the community we build.


Our partners are people with up to 35 years of experience in the international racing scene.


We work for our passion. Living the best experience requires to be sincere on both sides.

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Because we believe that any encounter can turn into an opportunity, Knight Connection provides the right connections between the right people at the right time. We are based in Paris and operate worldwide thanks to key partners and a wide network of influencers. Such a passionate community along with our international law background contribute to our broad version of the race car, classic car and supercar market granting the access to the most exclusive cars on the planet.